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Constant upgrading of quality and quality insurance to the highest level of products and services is BIRO’s first priority.

For this reason the company applies a Quality Managment System in line with the ISO 9001 standard, an Enviromental Managment System in line with the ISO 14001 standard and a Occupation Health and Sefety Managment System in line with ISO 45001.

BIRO, following the Quality Policy, performs strict audits to the incoming materials to ensure they meet specifications.

It cooperates with several indepedent and Educational Foundation Laboratories to check products’ behavior in several conditions or perform other special checks (for instance to examine chair’s audio behavior for theatres and music halls). This way it is ensured that the products comply with the high specifications of modern times or customers’ demands.

It is BIRO’S main wish and concern to provide customer’s satisfaction for its products and services and after sale support.