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“BL7″ mechanism.

Two fold mechanism with front lifting operation. Seat cushions remain attached to a special frame which is part of the unit and do not need to be removed during the opening and closing operation. The orthopaedic weld mesh sleeping base can accommodate a spring, pocket spring, viscoelastic (14 x 190 cm) or foam (12/13 x 200 cm) mattresses. The seat is supported by elastic webbing.

• Constructed in high resistance cold rolled steel tube

• Finished in epoxy resin, electro statically deposited, oven baked

• Frame complete with bayonet fixings for easy mounting of various parts (arms, back)

Sofa is available also without bed-mechanism in all versions.

In standard version sofa is equiped with spring mattress.

Uppholstered with fabric, leather or leather immitation customer’s choise.

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