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“BL3″ mechanism.

The unique three fold mechanism has been successfully produced and sold by Lampolet for more than thirty years. Different from similar products available in the marketplace, due to its opening operation of two movements instead of the standard three. It is engineered to accommodate a 9/10 cm spring or a 7/8 cm foam mattress. Due to the thickness and quality of materials, the BL3 is the only mechanism of its type engineered for regular use. Ideal in both contract and domestic environments.

• Constructed in high resistance cold rolled steel tube

• Finished in epoxy resin, electro statically deposited, oven baked

• Compact only 62 or 68 cm back to front

• Two stage opening

Sofa is available also without bed-mechanism in all versions.

Mechanism is available with orthopaedic weld mesh or orthopaedic beech wood slats.

In standard version sofa is equiped with spring mattress.

Uppholstered with fabric, leather or leather immitation customer’s choise.

Αρχεία διαθέσιμα για το προϊόν…….

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