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Offers flexible geometry auditorium configuration and can be installed in straight or curved lines (unless it is equipped with antipanic table at the backrest in which case it can only be installed in straight lines).

It consists of seat, backrest, and side metal supporting frame (leg) with armrest.

The side metal supporting frame with the arm is inserted between two successive seats and the end of each row finishes with an additional side frame.

The seat tilts automatically facilitated by a special internal sliding mechanism, operated by a double spring.

The steel frame is constructed according to the floor’s geometry and is anchored for stability.

The customer can select the upholstery from our wide fabric range. Other fabric collections are available upon request. Optionally plastic part of seat could be also upholstered.

All fabrics and foams comply with European or other Flammability Standards.

SYNTHIA XYLO’s strength, stability, acoustic behavior and flammability certificates are available upon request.

  • Optional Gravity Seat Tilt Mechanism
  • Full Upholstered Seat
  • Wooden Seat Cover that could be Perforated
  • Perforated Central Leg for Air Conditioning
  • Anti-Panic Writing Tablet Concealed in the Armrest
  • Anti-Panic Table on the Back of the Seat
  • Free-Standing Table Matched to the Seat’s Specifications
  • Numerous Seat & Row Numbering Alternatives
  • Integrated Lighting & Translation & Audio Management Alternatives


Standard model


With Anti-Panic tablet

We promote natural materials like wool and leather, and fabrics woven from natural fibers. For example, fibers wooven out of “stinging nettle” have been introduced recently that can provide sustainable and quality fabric solutions.

In collaboration with renowned textile production companies in Greece and Europe we can suggest fabrics suitable for each case.

Fabrics with special “virtues” such as excellent strength, flame retardant behavior and superior antibacterial, anti-vandal and anti-soil qualities are at your disposal for upholstering the seats according to your requirements.

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SYNHTIA XYLO technical characteristics

SYNTHIA XYLO catalogue 2014


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